"I would recommend this murder mystery to anyone that loves the "who dun it" books. I hope we may get to see this book become a series."

When crime scene cleaner Charles 'Yey' Reyes helps a detective friend solve a Roanoke homicide, he is stunned at the attention he receives. Yey refuses an offer at apprenticeship and hides from the praise.

He quickly changes his mind when his friend is killed while on duty. But this time, his offer to help is rejected by the police captain.

Meanwhile, homegrown celebrity Sydney Estes buys a house near town. As the citizens swoon, Yey notices a link between Sydney and a flurry of homicides.

Harangued by the captain, local media, and Sydney's fans (including his own wife), Yey struggles to connect clues which will prove his theories.

An uncompromising pastor hires Detective Reyes to find the truth behind a fight that left his grandson badly injured. Political and social lines are drawn during the investigation. Loyalties are tested and sometimes scuffed. As the search for the chief troublemaker moves across Roanoke Valley, Reyes finds himself questioning his own convictions.

Angel Lyman is a U.S. Marine with superhuman abilities and a troubled heart.

Priya Blue is now boss over her late father's record label, adding to her already-stacked list of responsibilities and worries. 

Wolfe is an about-to-be-famous rap prodigy with no history in the industry and very little street credibility.... There is a collision on the horizon.

Donna wonders how she can forgive and forget. Charlene doesn't quite know what she wants. Robbie is usually thinking about which honey he plans to bag. And Erven just does his best to obliterate the world.... in Shakespeare Ashes, a viciously funny novel about four twenty-somethings, Chris DeBrie explores the complexities of love, gender, and race in twenty-first century America--and how difficult it is to leave anything behind.


"I did not want to like this book."                  --Jenera Healy

"A fine and humourous novel about the modern American quarter life crisis."       --Midwest Book Review

"From the  very first page readers will be captivated by the writing style and language."         --Reader Views      

Student walkouts and metal detectors. Stoned classmates and cops on the take. Segregated neighborhoods. Opportunistic coaches. Gang clashes... in the midst of all this, high school senior Curt finds it difficult to believe that people care who’s holding his hand. But when he and Adriana become a couple, he’s quickly educated on the anguish and bigotry still tucked away in America—and on who his friends really are. Curt knows he has to accept what he can’t control and take life as is...

Bounty hunter, hired killer, vampire slayer... Alexandr is a very busy man.


 On a world where it is possible to heal in moments, lift vehicles, and fly, the normal humans live in awe of the powerful. But don't call them heroes. Though a few of these superhumans have proved altruistic, most of the men and women with enhanced abilities have purchased them, for reasons that cover all seven deadly sins... spanning a galaxy of characters and situations, Chris DeBrie brings you Selective Focus, a comic book in novel form.

FANTASY SPORTS AS THEY WERE INTENDED! Ali versus Lennox. Lakers versus Celtics. Do you argue with other sports fans about the best athletes and teams? Ever imagined battles between players from different eras? Then take the phrase 'fantasy sports' to another level, with The Playground Pick 'em. This collection of articles simulates what would happen if history's best faced off.

Minor league ball in Salem, Virginia winds back three-quarters of a century, spans several franchises, and has seen Hall of Famers pass through.