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While surviving years of abuse, poverty, crime, and prison, Alexandr Vikayanov was transforming into a lethal weapon.

Alex is a hitman, or private contractor if you prefer, and his recent marriage has him thinking of ditching his day job. His plan is to make a final kill, and then elope with the bride. The retirement fund is already cashed in and ready. But things don't go as planned.

Alex's last hit turns out to be a boy vampire. This boy is vampire royalty, relatively soft, and accustomed to having his meals brought to him. So he is no match for a professional killer like Alex. Alex dispatches with him and returns to his wife. He has no idea what he's just done.

The boy vampire that Alex killed is Scantlebury's protege. Scantlebury vows revenge, sparking a war between Alexandr and a rarely-seen underworld.

This is how Alex begins his hunting...



Scantlebury dates to the late 18th century, when he was a slave living in Barbados.

After saving the life of another worker, a British landowner took note of Scantlebury's quick reactions and obvious intelligence. The Brit purchased Scantlebury, with the intent of taking him back to London as a personal assistant.

On the long boat trip across the Atlantic, the ship was boarded by a starving group of vampires. The carnage was furious and brief. However, the lead vampire, Delphine, saw the same qualities in Scantlebury that the landowner had. Everyone on the ship was consumed except Scantlebury--Delphine took him for herself, and he became a personal assistant after all...



Costello is a very wealthy man who is used to buying anything he wants. He has a tenuous alliance with the vampires in Scantlebury's clan. He is one of the few humans on the planet who can stand in a room full of the undead killers, and survive.

He uses them to keep his businesses thriving, by giving them late night duties, i.e. sabotaging competitors subtly, and over time. In turn, the vampires get to use Costello's properties to sleep and socialize.





Very little accurate information is known of Delphine at this time. She is an ancient woman who moves in many circles, including among vampires and other supernatural beings.

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Alexandr #1

The hunt begins.




Alexandr #2

Scantlebury plots.



Alexandr #3

Counselor Devon.