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Kaon na? These are the impressions of an American visiting the Cebu region of the Philippines for the first time. Siomai and Friends Fries is an enlightening and hilarious account from writer Chris DeBrie.

"It is a rare thing when a memoir allows you to not only be a spectator to someone’s life but actually feel as if you are walking through their experiences with them."

 Reviews for Chris DeBrie fiction...

"[Protagonist Yey Reyes] is like Hannibal Lecter’s Will Graham without the Asperger’s... Chris DeBrie is in his best literary form in ‘Cap’n Random’."

"Definitely stands out from most others in the same genre. The author manages to keep up a captivating and smooth pace."

"The entire story was underlined with this sardonic and sarcastic tone to it, somewhat humorous as well. It's very difficult to describe, but I enjoyed this feeling..."