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 Reviews for "Cap'n Random"...

"[Protagonist Yey Reyes] is like Hannibal Lecter’s Will Graham without the Asperger’s... Chris DeBrie is in his best literary form in ‘Cap’n Random’."

"Definitely stands out from most others in the same genre. The author manages to keep up a captivating and smooth pace."

"I would recommend this murder mystery to anyone that loves the "who dun it" books. I hope we may get to see this book become a series."

"The entire story was underlined with this sardonic and sarcastic tone to it, somewhat humorous as well. It's very difficult to describe, but I enjoyed this feeling..."




"Cap'n Random"

by Chris DeBrie




Crime scene cleaner and amateur detective Charles 'Yey' Reyes struggles with police, media, and starstruck fans to solve a series of Roanoke homicides.



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