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God is good... all the time. (Psalm 34:8) 

Welcome to the Wash Your Hands ministry section.

God is good... all the time.

On these pages, by His grace, we point out the enemy's attacks on Biblical doctrine and principles. Things that WYHP has been collecting for years are being condensed for this website: Articles, videos, sound files, photos, and more. God willing, and using the King James Bible as "home base", this material will be used to shine a strong light on the world and its systems. Most of all, we want to share the 'peace that surpasses all understanding' which can only come from a belief and trust in Lord Jesus.

Remember that the Bible tells us, We do not battle against the flesh but against spiritual enemies. 

Do we want a sugary lie, or the rock of truth? If it costs the Christ follower his life, he should still cry out again sin, and for the glory of Jesus. And that begins with admitting to himself--he's the biggest sinner he knows. But rather than glorying in that sin, we preach perfection because the word is perfect!



This is all about having faith in, and exploring, the Word of God. As this small ministry grows in wisdom, it will and should be shared, because many people once shared with us. They cared enough to pass on what they knew about Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank God for working through them. What if the apostle Paul had listened, when told repeatedly to shut up about this Jesus person? Thank God he didn't. He paid the price.

This ministry is not here to attack individuals, be sensational or full of gossip, pretend we've got the Bible all figured out, act self-righteous, et cetera. Jesus didn't come to condemn the world, so what chance do we have? This is about being innocent as doves, yet wise as serpents. The Christian needs to understand the enemy's devices, and that must be possible, because the Bible says that we can possess such discernment.

Those of us who have vision are obligated to share what we know. I heard a pastor say: "We gain through our serving of others."


According to the Bible, we all deserve to be sent to hell, and only the Lord keeps us from plunging in. Everything will come to light. So just trust Jesus Christ as your savior today, if you haven't already. It is a simple plan! Hallelujah.

God is loving... but He's also holy. In fact, His holiness is mentioned many times more than his love.

He loves everyone, but not the things we do, and much of this world is so confused it can't handle this simplicity. The world wants to believe that anything we do can be justified, yet there is an absolute truth, and it is the inspired Word of God.

Largely through popular culture, our children are being indoctrinated against the Holy Spirit, and there are people who profit from this conditioning. So since these people are prospering from and being exalted by the world, they are not above being exposed to the truth! Nothing in these documents is personal; our battle is larger than any person or group of persons. (Ephesians 6:12)

Read the Bible. Taste the Book for yourself. The King James Version is best, because other versions such as the NIV have been corrupted. THe makes of the New International Version admit that they changed content in order to be more palatable to all potential consumers. In other words, they have disobeyed God's order not to add or take away from His words.

Don't rely on these words, media talking heads, quotations at the beginnings of films, the smartest theology professor on CNN who's selling his latest book, friends, family, other Christians, nor even the nearest pastor.

Read the history yourself. Visit a real library once in a while and open a real book. Search the Scriptures for yourself.

Have you ever read the Bible that you claim to know so much about? Are you one of those people who has Googled a few verses to support an argument... maybe know the most popular verses because you saw them quoted on a movie screen... yet never reads the book itself cover to cover? Never had an encounter with the living God Who wants to speak with you? The sports, movies, music, and video games will be there, if you still want that. But once the Spirit resides within you, the world won't be as attractive. I am a living testimony of that statement and can assure you of its truth.

The Word says that the Christian is not meant to play defense. (Ezekiel 22:30) He or she is mandated to speak out against sin. (Ephesians 5:11) That has been done online, and in large ways.  Wash Your Hands Productions will simply add a small light to the portion. Because any thinking and reasonable person will admit: This world is desperately in need of truth and light in these days.

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Search the Scriptures.