People who do not believe in the biblical standard, nor in the concept of sin, say versions of the same mocking statement in defending football player Michael Sam. This response is proof that they don’t really understand the Bible:

That book says lots of things… the God I know loves and accepts EVERYONE without qualifications or conditions… if Michael Sam is a sinner, then everyone who disobeys God by falling short of His commands is a sinner, which means all of us are sinners…

ABSOLUTELY! That is the point. Any “Christian” who singles out gays but doesn’t speak against other biblical, clearly-defined sins is just as deceived as an unbeliever. This is fairly simple.


Before anything, we must stress that gay celebrities are not truly the issue. A sports figure’s “coming out” party is only the distraction. Don’t let ESPN nor other media fool you.

On a macro level, what is at stake here is our spiritual health. The wall-to-wall coverage of football player Michael Sam’s announcement that he is gay is just the next move in a giant chess game. It is part of an agenda to make America accept the homosexual lifestyle as a healthy option.

ESPN is run by an arm of Disney, which openly supports “gay rights.” Most of the images we searched for under Disney’s Gay Days were not suitable for this forum.

This February 2014 news event fits in with Hollywood’s blatant push to make people from the LGBT community into our favorite stars. Depending on who you believe, anywhere from 3 to 10% of the U.S. population is, or could identify themselves as, “gay.” Yet if you watch tell-lie-vision regularly, you will see that a majority of media heads and fictional characters are either engaging in same-sex activities, or are totally okay with that… and the odd person who does neither of those things is mocked and marginalized.

It is no accident: this is a planned, clear, defined strategy. Supporters of sodomy (the biblical term for this alternative lifestyle) are being placed in positions of influence on purpose.

The world most certainly does have a “course”; that is, a path that most people choose to walk. This path is directed by the prince of this world, Satan, the very real spirit who hates you and me. It is a path in opposition to what the God of the Bible wants. The Lord loves us and wants what is best for us… that which protects us and surrounds us in His embrace and blessing.

What is happening is that the opinion-shapers of our day are helping to redefine the word “love” to mean “compromise, the acceptance of people’s wickedness.”

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love toward one another, Jesus says in John 13:35. Deceived people who don’t really know the Bible misinterpret verses like this one. These people don’t even believe the Good Book, but lamely attempt to use it in arguments. The Lord Jesus Christ is not advocating ignoring people’s sins in favor of “accepting them as they are.”

Real love means telling someone the truth, even when it hurts.


Let’s examine some of the lies that the world, largely influenced by a Christ-rejecting media which promotes anything that mocks the Bible, is swallowing:

1. This is a huge story because it shows our culture’s “progression” and “evolution.”

Why is this a story? Because you ask that question, said a talk show host on ESPNIt’s a story because you don’t want it to be one… you’re the person who makes a comment behind someone’s back… This should be a big story, because you can resolve prejudice and break through barriers by having a dialogue.

ABC/ESPN’s Robin Roberts with current partner.

This is not about teammates being uncomfortable in the showers. Not about whether NFL locker rooms are ready for an openly gay athlete. It is not even about that athlete’s ability on the field or court, nor if his proud public stance would affect his playing time and potential off-the-field product endorsements. Those are smokescreens… interesting side topics.

Michael Sam is being not just covered, but celebrated, because the mainstreaming of gay culture is following the course of our Christ-rejecting culture.

Keep in mind that ESPNRadio is ultimately owned by Disney (which also runs ABC and other outlets). The Disney company has long shown that it approves of the LGBT community by hosting events like the annual Gay Days. During this celebration, sexual activities are encouraged that expose the lie behind Disney’s family-friendly front.

This is important to know, because any radio or television host employed by ESPN must therefore go with the flow of the parent corporation. Any disagreement from that line would result in some form of punishment.

That is why no personality on these networks can be trusted to give an honest opinion on certain issues. Most every talking head is going to push the company line in order to keep his or her job.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is the only notable exception: The basketball analyst stirred up dust when he laid his faith on the line, following Jason Collins’ “I’m gay” announcement in 2013. He did not disrepect Collins or anyone caught in the sin of homosexual activities. He made sure to say  that “adultery, fornication, premarital sex between heterosexuals, whatever it may be, I believe that’s walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ.” That is true! His main point was that you can’t be openly, unrepentantly gay (nor endorse that) and at the same time claim to love and follow Jesus Christ. That, too, is undeniably true.

But Broussard was roundly batted about by Big Media, like one Yahoo! writer who jabbed away at the faith — [Broussard] couldn’t possibly keep that line of thinking up – on record no less – in 2013, right?… Gay young men and women have an impossibly tough time growing up and attempting to fit in, even as our culture shifts to become a more tolerant society. The last thing they need is to see someone… to be referring to them as sinners who are in “open rebellion to God.”

This Ball Don’t Lie writer summed his thoughts, and the thoughts of others similarly blinded, by saying he was free to question the centuries-old influence that created this line of thinking. It is interesting that this person says that Broussard was not brought onto a sports network to speak his opinion or faith… yet every talking head and writer who approves of Collins, Sam and others are free to shake pom-poms. In any case, Broussard’s bosses spent the next few weeks trying to apologize for him (“ESPN Admits Mistake“!!), since he wouldn’t “evolve” and back down as almost everyone else does.

We act so tolerant until true belief in the Bible comes up in conversation. All of the other faiths are acceptable to the world — but not the cutting, truthful words of Christ. Why does the Bible anger people so much? Why is it mocked more than other “holy books”?

Because it testifies that you and I are, at heart and from birth, wicked people who are mostly consumed with following our own desires. (John 7:7) The Bible is the only book that comes right out and says this You Only Live Once thinking is flat-out wrong. We want to do whatever we think is right, so of course we are offended and get hurt when Jesus tells us: You are wicked until you admit your sin, accept me as your Lord and allow me to impart my righteousness… you are no friend of mine unless you do as I command.

A 2013 Super Bowl ad attempts humor to mask its promotion of crossdressing.

We have been moving inexorably toward popular acceptance of sodomy for decades. As many have said, it is only a matter of time. Not because we are evolving into better persons and a smarter culture, but because we have rejected God as a society, on the whole. When you purposely and continually reject Him, you are eventually given over to your unrepentance.

Gay marriage is already accepted in many states and will be made federal law. The “No Bullying” campaign is a thinly-veiled way of stopping people from disagreeing with homosexuality by capturing the younger generations’ sensibilities; it is not really about big kids beating up the weaker kids.

Notice that Doritos doesn’t stop with the wedding gown, but adds makeup to this man and his friends.

Many of America’s popular celebrities and politicians endorse the lesbian-bisexual-gay-transgender agenda… mostly because it is good for their career, and partly because they have accepted an antichrist spirit that runs most of the world. Even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, the apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 4:3.

What does he mean there? That the problem is not that the Bible is outdated or unevolved, but that hostile hearers are hardened of heart and, sadly, headed for hell in their unbelief.

2. This is a “respect” issue… everyone should be able to live as they want to live.

Listening to sports radio in the twenty four hours following Sam’s announcement, I noticed that several talking heads were almost gleeful in expressing approval. A few kept saying that they were “amazed” and “disappointed” this is even an issue. Like the Yahoo! writer, they used condescension, sarcasm, and brow-beating as weapons. These people basically have the opinion that, if you do not endorse that lifestyle, you are a backward-thinking, rigid, ignorant individual. Even using the word homosexual is wrong to the ESPNRadio host quoted earlier: To him, it is a clinical term, an insult of some kind.

This host tried to flame Christians who speak against sodomites by saying (paraphrased), You say God doesn’t like that stuff, but you cheer for athletes who have premarital sex, and God supposedly doesn’t like that, either. You can’t take religion as a buffet, choosing what you want and leaving the rest.

He is absolutely correct. But again, he works for Disney and wouldn’t speak against Sam’s convictions even if he wanted to — he is a larger figure than a part-time analyst like Broussard and would attract much more bile for such a stance. And because he makes a living encouraging the idolatry of sports stars, he cannot see that the worship of athletes and the body is sinful in the first place. Any self-labeled believer who makes hateful Twitter comments and spends a lot of time idolizing athletes has already compromised, and shouldn’t be held up as the standard for Christianity.

This host, who has admitted more than once he doesn’t believe anything he can’t see; that he is a gambling, “baby doll”-loving agnostic, wants to throw out all of the faith because of individuals who are themselves deceived, but it is another lie from hell. No, the Lord doesn’t want any of us to worship any of these sports luminaries. So using that kind of Christian in an argument doesn’t prove anything. We don’t judge any group of people by their weakest members, unless we are being insulting.

Jesus is the standard. To use an analogy sports fans understand, we look to Tom Brady and Drew Brees as team leaders and mouthpieces… not third-string lineman or loudmouth cornerbacks.

Tony Gonzalez NFL

Tony Gonzalez says what he is expected to say. ReadEphesians 2:2.

[What is an agnostic, anyway? It basically means “unconvinced, unsure, doubtful, undecided.” It is “a person who is unwilling to commit to an opinion about something.” An agnostic is saying, “I don’t know anything, but let me have a voice.” At least an atheistic person has conviction.]

Future Hall of Fame football player Tony Gonzalez’s words represents the course of the world. Check out the key phrases that are low-level threatening for the future believer:

It’s part of our society… it’s everywhere you look right now, and acceptance is the key word for everything. We gotta make sure we’re out there supporting our fellow athletes, no matter what … I would tell ’em to keep their mouth shut [in answer to the host asking what Gonzalez would do if someone in the locker room was anti-Michael Sam, which is a deliberately false question to inflame: It is the chosen activity, not the person, which is up for debate]… You have no excuse to be that ignorant at this point. Obviously people have their religious concerns, and that’s a touchy subject, and I’m not gonna go there. (laughs nervously) But I would just think, at this day and age, you gotta grab a clue and see what’s going on around you… and see how humanity is evolving… They’re gonna have to get over it, ’cause that’s how it goes… Guess what? It’s coming, with you or without you. So you better get your mind right, and wrap your mind around it, and understand that’s it’s no big deal.

What the world thinks is “love,” is NO love at all…it is compromise and rebellion against God, wrote one pastor. The world’s “love” is exactly like the sinful young man who tells his girlfriend, “If you really love me, then you’ll have sex with me now.” What a lie!  If a young man truly loves his girlfriend, then he certainly won’t mind waiting a year or two until they become married to have sex.

The world is the exact same way.  The witches say, “If you really love us with Jesus’ love, then you’ll stop preaching against our witchcraft.”

The sodomites say, “If you really have Jesus’ love, then you’ll accept us and stop spreading your hate speech  (the Bible) against us.”

Dennis Rodman was ahead of his time in sports genderbending, sexual promiscuity and ambiguity, and, of course, God mockery. People forget the pioneers so quickly.

3. The choice of partaking in same-sex activities is just the next step behind women’s rights and race relations.

Next to the total disrepect and mocking of Bible-believing Christians, this straw man is probably the most erroneous argument. The flaws in comparing the efforts of homosexuals to be accepted at-large to suffrage and civil rights should be obvious.

Some people wonder why black Americans get angry when so-called gay rights are placed on the shelf next to the civil rights struggles that peaked in the 1960s. On some level, it can be argued that the journey hasn’t ended, even if the president of the free world is marked as “black.”

The difference is that, for the most part, an African-American cannot hide who they are. When a black person walks into a room, you can begin to label immediately. The same is not true of gays; a person who is experimenting with his sexuality normally has to make an effort (in dress, language, or behavior) in order to identify with the LGBT community… and even then, there can be a confusion about whether he even wants you to lump him in with his brothers; it can be seen as discrimination of some kind. This can be a very uncomfortable and perplexing issue in itself. The point is that a gay person can “pass” if he so chooses.

But put the issue of looks and behavior aside for a moment. What is most silly is the fact that being born a female, or with a certain amount of skin pigmentation, is not under your control!  Yet the behavior, whether learned or feeling as if you are “born that way” to be sexual in ways not approved by the Lord of all creation, most certainly is under your control. Except in rare cases, like prison, no man is uncontrollably impulsed to have sex with another male, and the same goes for females.

Yes, it is a deliberate choice to rebel in this way. You might have no control over feelings, but how you act upon those emotions is something else.

4. Religious people and others who don’t accept this lifestyle are ignorant, backwards, too traditional, and just plain bigoted.

Somehow, people who feel good and moral are against things like irresponsible sex with multiple partners, murder, theft, pedophilia, rape and other violent crime, and so on… all things that God is displeased with, as well… but homosexuality is set apart as okay. Unbelievers sometimes wonder, “why do Christians seem to concentrate on gays so much?” The question should be flipped: Why is that the one mentioned sin which is being pushed ahead at such a forceful, rapid pace?

This is not a judgement of gay people, or of those who openly endorse that choice of lifestyle. We are all sinners. The Bible (which has already condemned us unless we receive Christ and know He saved us) calls us murderers if we merely harbor anger toward another; adulterers when we covet someone who we aren’t married to… those two things alone pretty much cover us all.

For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, Jesus told his disciples, in Mark 7:21This is what the world cannot comprehend — the true Christian is not singling out homosexuals for condemnation, at all. It is the world system… media, entertainers, and now even our educators… who have singled them out, and made them into standard-bearers.

To justify our sins,whether it is men with other men or any other fornication, is arrogant and wrong. Just as a thief can’t say he is right to steal on impulse, a man can’t cheat on his wife by claiming “I am unable to stop myself from falling on top of these strange women”, nor can a thug walk around punching old people and expect no consequence (“I am just an angry person and I feel like doing that, I was born this way”)… neither can people who openly spit on God’s holiness escape judgment.

Just as unbelievers are convinced in their wickedness, so must the believer be convicted by God’s righteousness.

Proverbs 14:9 — Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.

The believer is commanded to speak out against evil when he sees it. Ephesians 5:11 clearly tells us to do this. It doesn’t matter if the whole world is doing or approving of evil… wrong is wrong. God’s standard hasn’t changed.

What “modern, evolved, progressive, intelligent” people do keeps changing to fit the times, but somehow they can’t see that if the truth keeps shifting, it is not the truth… because their minds are blinded.

2 Corinthians 4:4 says that the unbeliever has been blinded by the god of this age (i.e., Satan). The MacArthur commentary reads: Without a godly influence (i.e., the Bible) man left to himself will follow Satan’s world system, which panders to the depravity of unbelievers and deepens their moral darkness. Ultimately, it is God who allows such blindness. God allows it when we continue to stubbornly reject Him!

We are rapidly moving to a place where speaking out against this unrepentant sin is going to be punished.

Until that happens, and even after it does, the Christian who is not dead in his faith must expose the works of darkness… the lies of Satan. Love does not mean compromising acceptance. It means telling the truth, no matter the costs.