“Hidden Chops songs mostly speak to the listener, because that is mainly what I know for now. But the true purpose of worship music is speaking to the Lord; it’s not really meant to “bring people to God.” Romans 10:14 tells us that’s what plain old preaching is for.”
More More Sound   (2013)

The goal of Hidden Chops music is to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. Psalm 147 says, it is good to sing praises unto our Lord and that Praise is beautiful.

"Better seek to find/Where the true heart is, don't search in a pile of things." --"Closing Time," Hidden Chops

 Hidden Chops is anchored by Darryl Stevens out of Roanoke. "There are sometimes discussions about which styles of music are acceptable to worship the Lord," says Darryl.

"We believe that keeping a biblical standard of conduct will transfer into the music--no matter what genre the world slaps on it. If we're mistaken, then the Holy Spirit will straighten things out, and we will adjust.

"A true disciple of Christ loves wisdom and correction."


My music career began in sixth grade with an alto sax. I was also recording crudely-made songs around this time, playing a keyboard and rapping into a boombox simultaneously.

Ten years later, a college friend named Chris Cates introduced me to eight-track recording. This inspired me to buy a digital workstation, and then music recording software. I learned to play drums, guitar, and other instruments in the meantime.

And then, things started to change and get interesting. All because I began reading, studying, and believing the King James Bible....